Sunday, April 21, 2024

Hyperfine, Inc. Announces Collaboration with Athletic Heart to Provide Vital Brain Health Imaging for Former Professional Athletes

Hyperfine, Inc., the groundbreaking health technology company that has redefined brain imaging with the world’s first FDA-cleared portable magnetic resonance (MR) brain imaging system–the Swoop system, and Athletic Heart Cardiac and Metabolic Testing, LLC (Athletic Heart), a mobile medical diagnostic company providing streamlined, comprehensive testing for collegiate, professional, and former professional athletes, announced a collaboration to bring portable brain imaging screenings to current and retired professional athletes, starting with retired professional basketball players.

Hyperfine, Inc. and Athletic Heart’s inaugural joint event occurred at an athlete health screening event on Saturday, February 17, 2024, prior to the All-Star game in Indianapolis. Retired players underwent the new addition of brain screening using the Swoop® system to provide clinicians with a better understanding of the individual athlete’s brain health and help inform medical decisions.

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“We’re thrilled to partner with Athletic Heart to provide valuable medical insights to clinicians and athletes that can ultimately improve their quality of life and brain health,” said Maria Sainz, president and CEO of Hyperfine, Inc. “This collaboration underscores our commitment to making brain MR available at any site of care where it can be of value to patients. The safety and portability of our proprietary ultra-low-field MR technology make this uniquely possible.”

Athletic Heart said, “While Athletic Heart’s primary focus has been cardiac health, the Hyperfine, Inc. Swoop system extends our capabilities to include on-site brain imaging, which is a huge win for prevention and brain health. Hyperfine, Inc. shares our mission of redefining patient care to make MR imaging more accessible for all patients, and we were excited to kick off this partnership during the All-Star weekend in Indianapolis.”

Hyperfine, Inc. is the groundbreaking health technology company that has redefined brain imaging with the Swoop system the world’s first FDA-cleared, portable, ultra-low-field, magnetic resonance brain imaging system capable of providing imaging at multiple points of care.

SOURCE : BusinessWire

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