Thursday, February 29, 2024

Ossia Releases Groundbreaking Cota® Universal Adapter™ for Wireless Power for Pre-Order

Ossia Inc., the company behind FCC-approved Cota Real Wireless Power the patented technology that delivers power at a distance, and without the need for line-of-sight, announced the launch of the Cota Universal Adapter. The Cota Universal Adapter can power any rechargeable electronic device through its power USB-C port and receive power wirelessly via a Cota Hub. This first-of-its-kind, wireless-power-over-air adapter will enable users to leverage wireless power for all their USB devices, without modification.

The Cota Universal Adapter was initially developed as a prototype using Ossia’s rapid integration ‘Quick Receiver.’ For some time, Ossia has been leveraging its own patented, FCC-approved power-at-a-distance technology to develop products that offer a seamless transition to wireless power and away from less sustainable and less convenient energy sources such as batteries and plugged in charging methods. The Cota Universal Adapter does not require replaceable batteries, charging pad or cord to receive power. It receives power over air from a nearby Cota Hub.

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“The Cota Universal Adapter offers a convenient power source for even the most non-technical people,” said Hatem Zeine, Founder, CTO and President at Ossia. “Instantly use Cota to power electronic devices, including Bluetooth speakers, digital displays, portable fans, and other IoT devices that require lower power USB charging, automatically and immediately without the need for ever plugging in a USB cord to the wall. It’s one of several technology ‘bridges’ that Ossia has developed to help organizations more easily and quickly transition from traditional energy sources.”

The Cota Universal Adapter is lightweight and very small: 3 ¼ inches (97 mm) in length. Out of the box, customers can connect it to a USB device, and it will be ready to receive power wirelessly over air. Power is delivered at a distance, with an experience much like Wi-Fi, via a Cota Hub, a small transmitter that can be easily installed centrally in a building or home. When the Cota Universal Adapter is in range of the Cota Hub, typically within 30 feet (even when not in sight of each other), the Cota Hub will connect with the Adapter and automatically deliver power to the Adapter, which, in turn, will keep the device charged. The device can even be in motion and still receive uninterrupted power.

“This is a huge stepping-stone for organizations to explore wireless power, but perhaps don’t have the resources or stakeholder backing yet to integrate a Cota receiver into their devices,” said Zeine. “Because the Cota Universal Adapter can be used interchangeably with any USB device, organizations can test multiple use cases in a day … in an hour. No technical expertise or complicated instructions needed.”

SOURCE : PRNewswire

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