Saturday, June 15, 2024

Moore expands technology investment in production for hyper-personalized direct mail

Moore, a leading constituent experience management (CXM) company, is proud to announce a significant expansion in its production personalization capabilities. Through expanded investments in data-driven production equipment and workflow automation technology, Moore continues to position itself at the forefront of omnichannel CXM across all platforms, channels and devices.

Key Highlights:

  • Digital Transformation: Moore has shifted over 80 percent of its production capacity to digital presses capable of 1:1 communication. This data-driven digital equipment spans the company’s printing and envelope manufacturing footprint, giving clients unprecedented opportunities for personalization inside and on the envelope.

  • Exclusive Infrastructure: Moore has installed the only two W+D BB1000 systems in the United States. These systems produce a completely personalized direct mail letter package by using digitally printed envelope rolls, which are converted and inserted in a single pass. This high-capacity workflow automation technology streamlines production touchpoints and accelerates time-to-mailbox.

  • Data-Driven Excellence: Moore’s digital printing capabilities integrate seamlessly with the company’s SimioCloud consumer information and client-provided data. By harnessing the power of data alongside the company’s digital printing infrastructure and workflow automation technology, Moore clients have the best opportunity to leverage personalization in an extremely relevant way. This hyper-personalization makes direct mail an even more effective marketing tool.

  • Sustainability-Focused Facilities: Moore’s technology and equipment advancements cut the time and energy necessary to create highly personalized direct mail packages. With these efforts along with the company’s existing sustainability-focused efforts in the areas of waste, energy, transportation and water, the company is building direct mail production facilities of the future.

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“We are proud to introduce these groundbreaking capabilities to our clients, where personalized mail intersects with highly customized outer envelopes. With data seamlessly integrated with production equipment and technology, the possibilities are truly limitless,” remarked Jeff Pelcher, CEO of Production Services at Moore. “Moore is committed to building sustainability-focused production facilities that embody the future of the direct mail industry.”

Moore’s latest advancements in direct mail personalization complement its AI-powered dynamic creative optimization (DCO) for hyper-personalized digital fundraising. With SimioCloud, Moore clients can tap into over 10,000 data points on every U.S. consumer to propel their fundraising efforts with data-driven insights.

Gretchen Littlefield, CEO of Moore, emphasized the company’s forward-thinking approach, stating, “We firmly believe that omnichannel personalized fundraising represents the future. We harness the power of data across all addressable channels by creating digital production solutions with cutting-edge workflow optimization technology. With these advancements, combined with our SOC 2 certifications and HIPAA compliance, Moore supports clients with unparalleled security, efficiency and customization.”

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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