Saturday, December 10, 2022

Life Cycle Assessment of NMG’s Graphite Advanced Materials Confirm Minimal Environmental Footprint

Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc. has received the results of an independently conducted cradle-to-gate life cycle assessment (“LCA”) for its portfolio of graphite-based materials, confirming the minimal and industry-leading environmental footprint of its production. NMG’s full commercial-scale Phase-2 all-electric facilities are forecasted to produce coated spherical purified graphite (“CSPG”) – anode material for lithium-ion batteries – with a Global Warming Potential (“GWP”) of 1.23 kg CO2 equivalent per kg, an impact up to 11 times smaller than that of benchmarked production.

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“these supplementary analyses and literature review show how the technology efficiency, energy grid mix and methodological issues have an influence over the lifecycle performance of natural graphite-based products.”

As demand for batteries attains unprecedented levels, so does the demand for minerals and advanced materials that enter their manufacturing. Graphite is the main component of battery anodes, making up ±95% of their composition across all lithium-ion battery chemistries. To ensure the production of ecological electric vehicles (“EV”), clean technologies and electronics, manufacturers necessitate responsibly extracted, environmentally transformed and ethically sourced materials.

Arne H Frandsen, Chair of NMG, commented: “From responsible mining to eco-friendly advanced manufacturing, NMG is committed to providing the marketplace with a transparent, reliable and scalable supply of high-purity graphite materials. Positive results from the LCA confirm the environmental performance of our planned operations, processes and proprietary technologies, and further strengthen our ESG credentials. The conclusions bolster NMG’s competitive edge as battery and EV manufacturers, regulators, and consumers push for holistically sustainable solutions.”

NMG mandated CT Consultant, an LCA practitioner, to carry out the LCA for its portfolio of graphite-based materials to obtain an independent assessment as it advances commercial discussions. Results confirm the low environmental impact of NMG’s products, thus supporting customers’ search for sources that reduce their Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions and comply with increasingly stringent regulations. The study also provides insight to strengthen the Company’s environmental efforts, continuous improvement and climate action.

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