Saturday, June 15, 2024

Trustwell and IoT Leader Wiliot Forge Partnership to Elevate Supply Chain Management & Technology in the Food Supply Industry

Trustwell, the food and supplement industry’s premier provider of software and services in compliance, labeling, food safety, and transparency, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Internet of Things (IoT) industry leader, Wiliot. Known for its innovative sensor tags and linked cloud technology, Wiliot’s collaboration with Trustwell will revolutionize the entire supply chain infrastructure by driving efficiency and visibility with advanced IoT solutions.

“Partnering with Wiliot is a transformative step for us and our clients, merging our supply chain expertise with smart connectivity and sustainable practices tailored for the full food supply chain,” Katy Jones, CEO of Trustwell said. “We are excited to move the industry forward with innovative solutions that will make a difference in the food industry by going well beyond the limits of manual scanning.”

This alliance is poised to leverage Wiliot’s pioneering Bluetooth technology—small, battery-free intelligent sensor tags that track products from their origin to the end consumer—to further Trustwell’s mission to make the food supply safer for all, through tech-enabled software solutions.

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By partnering with Wiliot’s cloud platform, Trustwell empowers customers to improve product security, streamline logistics, and reduce environmental footprint, while enabling clients to make informed decisions and ensure operational excellence.

“Our partnership with Trustwell, enables a new class of enterprise apps to use the third generation of Radio Frequency Identifiers (RFID) which we call ambient IoT,” said Steve Statler, Wiliot’s Chief Marketing Officer and Food Safety Lead. “For companies that provide food, this adds a new level of automation and efficiency, eliminating manual scans, to go beyond compliance, for improved food quality. Wiliot’s low-cost cloud, Bluetooth readers and IoT Pixels/tags enable real-time food supply chain visibility. Together we trigger automated alerts to temperature and handling issues that otherwise compromise shelf-life and freshness, as well as safety. Trustwell’s apps are one of the first that can unlock these benefits.”

Wiliot’s commitment to infusing everyday items with intelligence aligns with Trustwell’s goals, offering a new dimension of product interaction within the industry. Through this partnership, Trustwell and Wiliot are set to introduce groundbreaking solutions that redefine supply chain management, using IoT to grant every product a digital identity and providing businesses the agility to act with unparalleled insight and precision.

“Wiliot’s smart labels, also referred to as ambient IoT Pixels, allow food companies to capture and share food traceability data in a no to low-labor cost manner,” said Frank Yiannas, former FDA Deputy Commissioner and Strategic Advisor to Wiliot. “This in turn will eliminate the need for scanning cases and add additional value beyond the already proven food safety use case.”


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