Thursday, February 29, 2024

IONA Tech ESD Prevention Solutions Now Available from TestEquity

TestEquity, the largest distributor of electronic test and measurement solutions and production supplies, announced that it will now offer IONA Tech products to provide real-time, actionable data for prevention of electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage caused by mobile workers.

ESD is responsible for 30% of failed products in electronics manufacturing, which can lead to devastating consequences in the aerospace and automotive industries. While conventional methods of ESD management involve tethering workers with ground straps or use of conductive flooring, shoes and apparel, IONA Tech products take a fresh approach to ESD damage prevention through an innovative solution and real-time, actionable data.

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“IONA Tech is an exciting addition to our ESD management portfolio,” said Steve Riel, Product Manager at TestEquity. “The industry as a whole has remained largely unchanged over the last century, with conventional ESD prevention offerings like wrist straps, apparel, conductive flooring, ionizers and humidifiers. IONA Tech has entered the landscape as the first new player in decades, bringing with them a new and more proactive approach to ESD mitigation.”

With their introduction of the StatIQ Band, a wearable IIoT sensor providing real-time measurements of personal body voltage, IONA Tech effectively redefines modern static management. Designed to generate an alarm when voltage levels exceed limits or when ESD events are detected, the StatIQ Band empowers workers to operate without being tethered, ensuring that circuit damage is prevented, while also allowing managers to monitor the overall effectiveness of all ESD controls in their facility. Whereas conventional ESD prevention methods lack ongoing validation, IONA Tech’s StatIQ System guarantees that your processes effectively prevent latent electronics damage to finally close the loop on ESD.

SOURCE : GlobeNewswire

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