Saturday, June 15, 2024

HONOR launches HONOR X8 with RAM Turbo Technology and Stunning Design

Bringing HONOR’s innovative technology solutions to Saudi users, global technology brand HONOR introduced the HONOR X8, the newest member of HONOR’s reliable HONOR X Series, a combination of cutting-edge technology, features and style. The HONOR X8 is a pivotal landmark in the series, it sets high standards by providing the customers an exquisitely slim and stylish design, a large screen with super narrow bezels and boasts an advanced memory capability the HONOR RAM Turbo, an HONOR technology, that exceeds expectation and provides smooth experience to the users. The release marks HONOR’s first HONOR X Series product launch in Saudi Arabia market, since becoming a fully independent brand and follows the successful launch of the HONOR 50 Series that will expand the brand’s product portfolio and bring HONOR’s powerful technology to all users. Running on Android 11 with Google Mobile Services (GMS), the HONOR X8 will start pre-order in Saudi Arabia at 949 SAR from 17th March.

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“HONOR-X8 showcases HONOR’s commitment to delivering innovative technology solutions and a seamless user experience, allowing consumers to truly immerse themselves and indulge in the content they are consuming. It demonstrates the brand’s daring ‘Go Beyond’ attitude and design hallmarks through its exceptional technologies, striking minimalist design and sophisticated craftsmanship,” said Mr Wolf, CEO of HONOR Device Co, Ltd. Saudi Arabia.

The Smart Memory Expansion Technology: HONOR RAM Turbo

The HONORX8 boasts an advanced memory capability, and is equipped with HONORRAM Turbo, an HONORtechnology solution that coverts a small portion of Read Only Memory (ROM) into RAM, boosting efficiency and allowing users to enjoy faster speeds, and an optimized user experience loading apps and content. Perfect for users who enjoy faster speeds when loading apps and content, HONORRAM Turbo expands RAM by compressing background apps, enabling the HONORX8 to simultaneously open around 20 apps[1] compared to competition which is just 12 apps[2] at a given point of time without compromising on efficiency. The technology stops background processes from getting killed when users switch apps, ensuring users can take a call or write a message when they are gaming or watching a movie. Apps will still be running in the background and waiting for users to pick up exactly where they left off.

A smartphone powerhouse, the HONORX8 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon® 680 Mobile Platform, an advanced 6nm processor, designed to deliver superior performance while conserving power.

Presenting a truly immersive visual entertainment experience, the HONORX8 has super narrow bezels which deliver an impressive 93.6%[3] screen-to-body ratio, the highest to be achieved among traditional smartphones of the same grade and smartphones in the same category. To accomplish this industry breakthrough, HONORdeveloped an innovative glue dispensing solution, which enabled the left and right frames of the HONOR-X8 to be compressed to 1.1mm, while the top frame is only 1.15mm thin.

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