Saturday, May 21, 2022

Efinix Selects Winbond HyperRAM™ for its Ti60 F100 Platform to Drive a New Generation of Compact, Ultra-Low Power AI and IoT Devices

Winbond Electronics Corporation, a leading global supplier of semiconductor memory solutions, announced that Efinix, an innovator in programmable product platforms and technology, has selected Winbond’s HyperRAM™ memory to power a new generation of camera and sensor systems such as AI, IoT, thermal cameras, industrial cameras, robotics, and smart devices. Delivering ultra-low power in a high-performance and small form factor design, the Winbond 256Mb x16 HyperRAM 2.0e KGD provides the Efinix Titanium Ti60 F100 FPGA with a complete memory system that is easy to implement for bringing products to market quickly and cost-effectively.

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“Device manufacturers are adding sensors and connectivity to virtually all next-generation applications, driving the need for increased processing power at the edge while keeping the devices small and compact,” said Winbond. “HyperRAM is optimized for these applications by delivering ultra-low power through a hybrid sleep mode, design simplicity due to less active pins, and a tiny die size. Brand customers or system makers can easily design Ti60 (SiP 256Mbx16 HyperRAM KGD) with smaller PCB size to fit into compact application devices like wearable camera.”

About Ti60 F100 FPGA
The Efinix Ti60 F100, which is shipping today, packs 60K worth of logic and high-speed I/O that are configurable for a variety of protocols, in addition to integrated SPI flash and HyperRAM, all wrapped into a tiny 5.5 mm square package with a 0.5 mm ball pitch. The combination of FPGA logic and data storage makes the Ti60 F100 a great solution for a variety of camera and sensor systems. With the SPI flash, designers can eliminate the need for a separate configuration device, while the HyperRAM memory can store user data. Customers can use the HyperRAM as a frame buffer for video, to store weights and biases for AI, to store parameters for time-of-flight (TOF) sensors, or to hold firmware for a RISC-V SoC.

“The Ti60 F100 targets edge and IoT applications where small physical size and low power consumption are key,” said Mark Oliver, VP of Marketing at Efinix. “Winbond’s, ultra-low power and small form factor combined with the low power of the Titanium family deliver against those requirements. The low pin count of the Winbond HyperRAM allowed easy integration of the device within a tiny 5.5 mm square multi-die system in package.”

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