Saturday, July 20, 2024

CIS Secure Announces Solution for Low Earth Orbit Satellite Connectivity

CIS Secure, the world leader in secure collaboration solutions, announces the release of a high-throughput, low latency Internet solution that is a portable, self-contained network communication kit capable of connecting to the constellation of Starlink satellites from almost anywhere on the globe.

The Portable Starlink WAN Kit is the newest member of CIS Secure’s powerful family of transportable kits. The lightweight kit extends communications from the office through the field to the battlespace via multiple network topologies and security architectures. This ruggedized communications platform meets specifications for Military-grade environmental performance and the unique design supports multiple power sources and features convenient packaging for field deployment.

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“Space-based communication technologies have emerged as indispensable assets for everyone from first responders to energy providers to defense and intelligence operations in the field.” said William Hargreaves, Chief Technology Officer of CIS Secure. “CIS Secure is committed to leveraging best-of-breed commercial technologies while customizing them enable access when and where needed to support the unique mission needs of our customers.”

CIS Secure is a leading integrator of secure solutions and services that protect contested communications within the defense, intelligence and homeland security communities. CIS Secure pushes the boundaries of design and innovation to create compelling and secure collaboration solutions, integrate them with existing technologies, customize them to meet exacting requirements and, ultimately, manage the protection our nation’s assets.

SOURCE : PRNewswire

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