Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Xemoto Media Appoints New Chief Executive Officer to Lead North American Business

Xemoto Media, a self-serve investor relations marketing platform, is pleased to announce the appointment of Virginia Brailey as its chief executive officer (CEO) to lead the growth of its North American business. The move comes at a critical time as the company continues to expand the reach of its platform to support small-cap publicly traded and pre-IPO companies across a multitude of sectors

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Brailey’s appointment is a significant milestone in Xemoto’s puvigirpose-driven strategy to strengthen the investor relations marketing landscape. Xemoto enables small and micro-cap companies to gain awareness, engage with retail investors and shape market sentiment through its proprietary network of financial influencers and technology platform. Leveraging two decades of experience defining and launching platform-based solutions, Brailey brings a unique perspective that will drive customer and partner-focused growth.

“Virginia’s experience with entrepreneurial and mature businesses, coupled with her digital expertise, is a strong fit with Xemoto’s exciting market opportunity,” said Adam Szweras, co-chair, Xemoto Media. “As companies find new ways to usher investment opportunities through innovative technologies, we recognize Virginia’s appointment as an opportunity to meet growth milestones, spearhead ongoing operations and strengthen platform development.”

“Xemoto’s proprietary platform advances the way public companies gain access to prospective investors on an unprecedented scale,” said Jillian Bannister, co-chair, Xemoto Media. “We are confident that Virginia’s entrepreneurial spirit and strategic leadership will strengthen our capabilities and propel our business forward.”

“I am thankful to the Xemoto board for the exciting opportunity to join a great team bridging the gap between small-cap companies and retail investors,” said Virginia Brailey, CEO, Xemoto Media. “Xemoto’s vision to create a level playing field for publicly-traded companies and retail investors positions it for long-term growth.”

Brailey has worked in leadership roles to drive results through robust go-to-market programs, brand-to-demand generation, digital strategy and corporate communications. Her previous career experience includes senior positions at ADP, Cogeco Data Services (now Aptum) and Telecom Ottawa (now Rogers Business Solutions). Before this, she ran a consultancy firm, where she worked with leaders to grow their business with effective strategic planning, smart marketing strategy and outstanding execution.

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