Sunday, April 21, 2024

Sparkling Logic Launches AI Assistant, An Interactive Decision Management Tool Powered by Generative-AI

Sparkling Logic announced the launch of AI Assistant, an interactive tool that enables users to complete decision management tasks through generative AI.

An add-on to the SMARTS™ decision management platform, AI Assistant provides guided, on-demand support throughout the decision management lifecycle. AI Assistant leverages a language learning model (LLM) form of generative AI that has been pre-trained on various decision management tasks. Users can chat and interact with AI Assistant to achieve the following using natural language:

  • Create and modify project assets such as data, decision flows, and business rules
  • Generate easy-to-understand explanations for decision logic outcomes
  • Ask product-related questions and receive summaries of and links to relevant information from SMARTS™ Documentation

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Through AI Assistant, users will be able to onboard more quickly, author business rules in a no-code manner, and increase overall transparency. AI Assistant was first announced last fall as part of Sparkling Logic’s Augmented Intelligence initiative. This initiative aims to leverage emerging technologies like generative AI to simplify decision management for non-technical business analysts and domain experts.

“We created SMARTS™ to give the business side more control over their operational decisions through an innovative decision management platform,” said Carlos Serrano-Morales, Co-Founder and CTO of Sparkling Logic. “AI Assistant is a great addition to our host of tools within SMARTS™ that empower non-technical users to efficiently and effectively manage decision logic. We have a strong roadmap of further LLM-supported tools to increase business analysts’ efficiency in creating, testing, and managing their operational decisions”.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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