Thursday, February 29, 2024

Sectigo Wins 2024 Customer Value Leadership Award

Sectigo, the industry’s most innovative provider of comprehensive certificate lifecycle management (CLM), announced that it has been awarded the 2024 Customer Value Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan.

Frost & Sullivan reserves top recognition for organizations at the forefront of innovation and growth. Leading companies create new products, solutions, and services that meet ever-evolving customer needs to advance the overall market.

“Driving innovation and growth is a difficult task made harder by the strategic imperatives forcing change today such as disruptive technologies, value chain compression, industry convergence, and new business models and in this context, Sectigo’s recognition signifies an even greater accomplishment,” said David Frigstad, chairman of Frost & Sullivan. “We look for companies that consistently develop growth strategies based on a visionary understanding of the future and that effectively address new challenges and opportunities, including the deployment of best practices and strategic analytics across a value chain, and it is against this backdrop that we recognize Sectigo for its valuable achievement.”

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Sectigo is the only CLM provider that brings more than 20 years as a trusted certificate authority (CA); provides a cloud-native, CA-agnostic solution; and delivers more than 50 leading technology integrations all using a single pane of glass. In this way, Sectigo can offer a wide range of digital certificates, public key infrastructure (PKI) solutions, and automated CLM capabilities to manage the lifecycles of public and private digital certificates across an organization’s network.

“Digital trust has become the backbone of the secure modern organization, and we’re committed to delivering that trust to our customers large and small,” said Sectigo CEO Kevin Weiss. “Our team members know that customer value is far more than a number, which is why we are always developing simpler, more secure, and more scalable ways to bring CLM to customers regardless of the size of their operations or the industry in which they operate. On behalf of Sectigo employees around the world, I thank Frost & Sullivan for recognizing us for our dedication to delivering superior customer value with CLM.”

Only Sectigo enables certificate discovery, issuance, renewal, and management in a cloud-based, coherent offering complete with automation protocols such as ACME. The platform delivers all of the foundational components of CLM in a single offering without the need to license separate, bolt-on products or tools to discover, monitor, and automate certificate lifecycles, while providing interoperability in complex IT environments. Today, more than two thousand CLM customers including some of the world’s most iconic brands trust Sectigo to protect their data, safeguard their reputations, and preserve their customer interactions.

Sectigo secures both human and machine identities automatically for more than 700,000 organizations worldwide, reducing the human effort (and error) that accompanies the manual management of digital certificates. The company also reduces the cost and complexity of IT investments by allowing customers to prune the number of vendors and tools they have to manage, and it facilitates crypto agility by eliminating business outages caused by expired certificates; removing and replacing rogue certificates; and enabling organizations accommodate even the shortest certificate lifecycles to stay secure.

Sectigo specializes in protecting customers in highly regulated industries such as government, healthcare, and financial services with a comprehensive platform that delivers a single view of all certificates from one pane of glass to secure websites, applications, and devices with ease.

SOURCE : BusinessWire

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