Nobl9 Introduces Reliability Center – The Single Source of Truth for Enterprise Software Reliability

Nobl9, the software reliability company, introduced Nobl9 Reliability Center, the next generation of the Nobl9 SLO Platform incorporating new features to become the single source of truth for the reliability of an organization’s internal, customer-facing, and mission-critical software. With Nobl9 Reliability Center, engineers and managers can understand the reliability of their vast software systems to identify weak or risky areas that need attention.

“Service level objective based observability brings a process to measure critical use case failures, and helps to measure the reliability of our product. SLOs are a common binocular for measuring customer, engineering, and business happiness,” said Santa Kumar Bethanapalli, Head of Cloud Operations, Site Reliability Engineering, Cloud Security at Software AG. “Instead of doing the tooling on our own, we went ahead with Nobl9, the leader in this segment & who have contributed to many SLO standards and best practices.”

Nobl9 Reliability Center introduces new features for software, including dashboards and reports designed to let executives and engineers understand a Reliability Score calculated from all the SLOs they want to manage.

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Nobl9 Reliability Center provides users with critical new capabilities for SLO management:

  • Reliability experience (RX) – helping engineers and teams become more productive in identifying targets, prescribing SLOs and policies, and automating runbooks for reliability risks.
  • SLO-backed operations – continuous monitoring and management systems using SLOs and the ability to receive timely error-budget-backed alerts.
  • Reliability insights – instant visibility into the overall health of an organization’s systems, and ability to align technology investment with business needs.

Today, more than ever, customers expect applications to be reliable, fast, and available on demand, and the demand is only increasing. In the Gartner Hype Cycle for Site Reliability Engineering, 2023 “Gartner predicted that by 2027, 75 percent of enterprises will use SRE practices organization-wide to optimize product design, cost, and operations to meet customer expectations, up from 10 percent in 2022.”(1)

“With Reliability Center, Nobl9 customers get extraordinary insight into reliability across user journeys, architecture structures, departments, and teams. Customers can use the Reliability Center to quickly pinpoint which systems are contributing to the overall reliability of a complex software ecosystem,” said Brian Singer, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Nobl9. “As infrastructure has become more complex, we have worked with our customers, OpenSLO and SLODLC community members, and SLO users to deliver the best experiences and reporting available to help them optimize their cloud resources while keeping customers happy. The reliability rollup view launched today is the first of many features planned to enable organizations to draw deeper insights from their SLOs.”

SOURCE : BusinessWire

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