Saturday, July 20, 2024 introduces AI-powered search on WhatsApp , the pioneer of AI chat for search, announced it is now available on WhatsApp, enabling more people to experience AI chat and search seamlessly where they send messages of text daily.

Around the world, WhatsApp’s vast user base can now make use of ‘s vast knowledge and conversational search capabilities. With just one message, users can experience AI chat and search, as well as get answers accompanied by sources and deep web links.

To start a conversation with on WhatsApp , type +1 585-496-8266 (+1 585 4 YOU COM).

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Adding to WhatsApp marks another step in serving users wherever they are by offering even more convenient ways to help people do more.

” At , our goal is to create the most useful chat search engine. WhatsApp is another great way to chat with our AI, which is more factual, up-to-date, providing quotes for your questions, no matter where you are. be,” said Richard Socher, founder and CEO of .

” WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the Latin American region, where we’ve also seen huge growth. Now users around the world, especially our wonderful community in Latin America, can search without switching apps. We’re just a message away away,” said Socher.

SOURCE: BusinessWire

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