Saturday, December 10, 2022

Intelliswift Transforms Itself for The New World – Unveils A New Brand Identity

USA headquartered IT solutions & services company Intelliswift Software Inc., in its first-ever rebranding exercise, unveiled a new brand identity that reflects the company’s new ambitions, aspirations, and strategic focus in the digital world. A world that is changing the way businesses function. A world of intelligent platforms and big data, powered by new technologies like AI and ML. Where products and services are being delivered to empowered consumers in new ways, by people, processes, and leading-edge technologies with new skill sets.

Expanding Horizons – From Talent Solutions to All-embracing IT Solutions & Services
“This world belongs to those who love the new. Intelliswift itself is consumed with this love for the new. Once a premier talent solutions company, it now also possesses the expertise to build modern digital platforms, manage complex data and take on complete managed service assignments – covering the most vital aspects of business transformation. We look forward to helping our clients transform into thinking, connected enterprises,” said Pat Patel, Founder & CEO of Intelliswift.

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The new brand identity and a call to love the new are meant to inspire enterprises to accelerate their pace of transformation and embrace new technologies and processes with open arms.

Surej KP, President of Intelliswift, added, “Our team has earned its spurs while working on some of the biggest and most sophisticated platforms to have ever been built for some of the most valuable enterprises. During this 20th anniversary year, we wanted our brand to reflect our new transformed mission of helping our customers in this digital age better, leveraging the experience that we have built over these years.”

Permeating The New Motto “Love The New” In Partnerships, Offerings, and Approach
True to the revised mantra of “Love the New,” Intelliswift has been successfully appending new partnerships to its portfolio, some of the most prominent being Smartsheet, NetSuite, Snowflake, Appvance, Veeva, Opsera, and Threatwatch; in addition to existing partnerships with Apigee and Adobe. With the onboarding of industry stalwarts in Digital Product Engineering, Enterprise Solutions, and Data Management & Analytics domains, the company aspires to streamline the growing complexities in digital transformation for businesses.

A Note on Intelliswift’s Revised Visual Identity
The insignia of the new logo conveys the fusion of company (Intelliswift) and customer in a warm, understanding embrace. In addition, the revised typeface, color palette, and imagery are vibrant and inviting, giving the brand a modern and friendly feel. Apart from being just a visual change, the rebranding asserts Intelliswift’s commitment to continue delivering globally acclaimed results in digital product engineering, data management & analytics, digital enterprise, and talent solutions.

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