Saturday, December 2, 2023

Weave Launches Dental Practice Analytics

Weave, a leading all-in-one experience platform for small and medium-sized healthcare practices, announced  the addition of Practice Analytics to its software suite. This new feature will empower dental practices to gain insights and make data-driven decisions to enhance patient care and grow their business.

With Practice Analytics, dental practices with Dentrix, Open Dental, and Eaglesoft practice management software can now access a comprehensive set of performance metrics that build on Weave Message Analytics and Weave Phone Analytics. The software provides real-time data on patient retention, appointment scheduling, treatment acceptance rates, and revenue generation. This information allows dental practices to identify areas of improvement and implement strategies to optimize their operations.

By utilizing these analytics, dental practices can track missed opportunities for patient care, patient volumes, revenue, and resource utilization, and identify opportunities for growth. Weave’s intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures that even non-technical staff can easily navigate and understand the data, making it accessible to the entire dental team.

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“Easily accessible data that is action oriented and easy to consume makes running a dental practice more profitable and less stressful,” said Branden Neish, Chief Product & Technology Officer of Weave. “We understand the importance of data-driven decision-making in the success of dental practices. Adding Practice Analytics to Weave’s message and phone analytics provides valuable insights throughout a patient’s journey with a practice.”

In addition to Practice Analytics, Weave’s software suite for dental practices includes other essential features such as missed call and two-way texting, appointment reminders, online reviews management, mobile and online payments, online forms and insurance verification. By integrating these functionalities into one comprehensive platform, Weave enables dental practices to streamline their operations, improve patient experience, and boost staff productivity.

Dental practices that use Weave’s software suite have reported significant improvements in patient communication, reduced no-show rates, increased appointment bookings, and higher patient satisfaction scores.

The addition of Practice Analytics further solidifies Weave’s position as a leader in patient engagement software. Dental practices across the country can now leverage the power of data and make informed decisions to drive their success.

SOURCE : BusinessWire

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