Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Syntec Optics Secures Order to Develop New Disposable Optics for Digital Health Treatment

Syntec Optics, a leading provider of mission-critical optics for scientific and technical instruments and defense and aerospace OEMs, announced today the launch of process development for a high-volume production line to make disposable medical optics. After nearly three years of concept proposals, Syntec Optics secured the order and plans to install a fully automated advanced production line for this new product.

“We are excited to develop and provide the next-generation disposable optics for biomedical camera functionalities that push the boundaries on accuracy,” said Louie Salinas, Program Manager at Syntec Optics. “We believe the new development order will create a new standard for fully automated high-volume production in the US to support an existing user base. Syntec has the automated equipment for intricate replicative manufacturing, a vertically integrated thin-film coating facility, and over twenty years of expertise to be selected to supply mission-critical optics.”

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“Innovative high-performance camera systems with multi-angled, wider field of view and increased imaging detail require highly accurate disposable optics,” said Sara Hart, Director of Sales at Syntec Optics. “It is exciting to contribute to the needs of doctors and their patients.”

The addressable marketplace for the photonics-enabled biomedical segment in 2021 was estimated at $201.1B.

Syntec Optics Holdings, Inc., a 20-year optics and photonics leader for scientific and technical instruments and aerospace and defense products, has the mission of keeping American soldiers out of harm’s way, improving patient care and bringing more precision products to the consumer and ubiquitous communications. Syntec Optics, headquartered in Rochester, NY, is one of the largest custom optics and photonics manufacturers in the United States. Operating for over two decades, Syntec Optics runs a state-of-the-art facility with extensive core capabilities of various optics manufacturing processes, both horizontally and vertically integrated, to provide a competitive advantage for mission-critical OEMs.

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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