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Milliken & Company lance OVIK Health

global diversified manufacturer Milliken & Company unveiled a new business platform for its healthcare business. Milliken Healthcare Products, LLC, now known as OVIK Health, represents a new chapter in Milliken’s healthcare innovations one that reflects its unique position in the marketplace and provides momentum to its portfolio of cutting-edge solutions that the healthcare industry has come to rely on.

“The launch of OVIK Health marks a new era in our work to positively impact the healthcare industry,” explained Halsey Cook, CEO of Milliken & Company. “Through OVIK, we reaffirm our commitment to providing innovative healthcare solutions and pave the way for future opportunities that can heal, protect and support patients. »

The rebranding begins today, and is expected to be completed on December 1, 2023. Milliken Healthcare Products will become OVIK Health for all brands and visuals; however, all current healthcare product names will remain the same. OVIK Health, as a subsidiary of Milliken & Company, will take over Milliken’s portfolio of wound and burn dressings, compression solutions, cohesive bandages and adhesive tapes.

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OVIK Health’s portfolio is defined by Milliken’s chemical and textile expertise and enriched by Andover Healthcare’s innovations in cohesion and compression, when Milliken officially acquired Andover Healthcare in 2019. Among its most notable offerings include proprietary Active Fluid Management ® technology for dressings, SelectSilver antimicrobial technology and EasyTear technology for cohesive and compression products. These products, along with Milliken’s entire suite of health innovations, will continue to be available under the OVIK Health name.

“When we entered the healthcare industry in 2005 and acquired Andover Healthcare in 2019, we were driven by a desire to help improve the lives of patients around the world through a range of products quality products marked by reliability, ease of use and excellence in innovation,” added Shri Parikh , EVP of Milliken and President of OVIK Health. “This commitment does not change with the launch of OVIK Health. It unites us as a team of innovators with a unique brand and a clear mission to advance health technologies to improve patient care.

SOURCE : PRNewswire

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