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EVERSANA Announces Partnership with ChemoMouthpiece, LLC to Support U.S. Launch & Commercialization of Medical Device to Help Cancer Patients Manage and Treat Oral Mucositis

EVERSANA, a leading provider of commercialization services to the life science industry,  announced a partnership with ChemoMouthpiece, LLC to support the launch and commercialization of its medical device, the Chemo Mouthpiece, to assist oncology patients across the United States.

The Chemo Mouthpiece is an intraoral ice pack that delivers cryotherapy to the oral cavity of a patient receiving chemotherapy. It proactively manages and treats oral mucositis, a common and painful side effect of chemotherapy. The product was recently granted Breakthrough Device Designation by the FDA for the reduction in incidence and severity of oral mucositis caused by chemotherapy and allows patients to continue their treatment with less discomfort and disruption in their daily lives.

Under the terms of the partnership, EVERSANA will provide a full range of commercialization services to support the launch of the Chemo Mouthpiece™ in the U.S. including but not limited to market access strategy, compliance and regulatory services, patient services, field deployment solutions, data and analytics, pricing strategy and 3PL distribution services.

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“The innovative team at ChemoMouthpiece is dedicated to what matters most in our industry – improving the lives of patients. Their patented technology provides a significant advancement in improving the quality of life during chemotherapy treatment,” said Jim Lang, CEO, EVERSANA. “We’re honored they’ve turned to our full-service commercialization model to help bring this new innovation to market.”

The Chemo Mouthpiece™ device was developed based on the personal experience of inventor, founder and CEO David Yoskowitz, who when diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma experienced oral mucositis firsthand. His treatment options included ice chips to mitigate and minimize the pain. Yet this caused nausea, was difficult to maintain in his mouth, and did not effectively cool the entire oral cavity which led him to search for a better option.

An engineer by trade, he made it his mission to find a better way for cancer patients to cope with oral mucositis during treatment. He created a simple, effective, easy-to-use device to be used during chemotherapy treatments at home or in a hospital. The Chemo Mouthpiece™ efficiently cools the entire oral cavity. Patients can freeze the device at home and take it with them to be used during treatment, creating a simple solution for an unmet patient need.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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