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Invafresh Strengthens Capabilities of its AI-Enhanced Fresh Retail Platform Solution

Invafresh, the industry leading fresh grocery platform, announced the addition of new capabilities to the Recipe Manager product in its AI-enhanced Fresh Retail Platform. These features will help grocery retailers to improve traceability of ingredients and products throughout the entire supply chain, implement robust quality control measures and develop nutrition ingredient food labels that are compliant with industry regulations.

Investing in strict ingredient and labeling protocols is crucial for today’s grocery retailers to ensure consumer safety, regulatory compliance and brand reputation. Improved benefits for grocery retailers include:

  • Enhanced consumer trust and safety by having the ability to approve ingredients to ensure compliance with safety requirements and enhance customer loyalty.
  • Streamlined transparency and compliance by linking ingredients to manufacturers, ensuring regulatory compliance and adherence to labeling requirements. This reduces the risks associated with non-compliance penalties, product recalls and reputational damage.
  • Efficient allergen management through the grouping of allergens to facilitate regulatory compliance and consumer safety by providing clear information, empowering consumers to make informed decisions and enhance a retailer’s brand trust.
  • Simplified and standardized labeling processes with pre-configured extra text capabilities to allow for consistency in labeling, saving valuable time and resources.

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“Extending our relationship with Invafresh to include Recipe Manager will help take our operations to the next level in the use of analytics to deliver an improved customer experience,” said Vineet Gupta, Chief Information Officer at The North West Company. “Having Invafresh as the foundational technology for our perimeter store operations, including deli, meat, bakery and produce, will allow us to scale efficiently as the business grows.”

“Our use of the Invafresh Recipe Manager solution will enable us to centralize the creation, storage and management of all recipes for retail products produced in-store,” said Richard Weber, Director of Information Technology at Strack & Van Til.

“By providing clear and accurate information about their products, retailers can enhance transparency and build trust with their customers. Overall, strict ingredient and labeling protocols are a strategic investment that helps retailers differentiate themselves, attract and retain customers and protect their brand reputation,” said Joe Smirlies, Senior Vice President at Invafresh. “With Invafresh Recipe Manager, our customers can ensure recipe consistency across their store operations and streamline processes to enhance accuracy and transparency and improve their operating margins.”

SOURCE: Businesswire

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