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Ever.Ag Enhances Global Presence with Strategic Energy Management Acquisition, Boosting Sustainability and Operational Efficiency in Dairy and Distilling Industries

Ever.Ag, a pioneer in software solutions for the food supply chain, proudly announces the strategic acquisition of Integrated Control & Information Systems and their Plant Energy product suite, a Dublin-based innovator renowned for its advanced energy management and sustainability solutions in the dairy and distilling industries. This acquisition underscores Ever.Ag’s commitment to enhancing our comprehensive services across the global food supply chain, particularly emphasizing ESG objectives.

“Ever.Ag is continuously looking for opportunities to enhance our offerings and expand our reach in the global food supply chain,” said Scott Sexton, CEO of Ever.Ag. “This acquisition aligns perfectly with our mission to provide the most advanced and integrated solutions to our clients. Their expertise in energy management and sustainability is unparalleled and will be invaluable in our journey to innovate and lead in this sector.”

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Integrated Control & Information Systems (now Ever.Ag Energy Manager) is distinguished in the industry for its sophisticated technology that enables detailed monitoring and targeted improvement of energy consumption in processes and equipment right down to individual devices within manufacturing facilities. What is truly unique is the way Energy Manager can work with historical data to provide value on day one, versus others that want to put meters in and build history.

This capability not only drives operational efficiency but also supports our clients in achieving their sustainability goals. The integration of Ever.Ag Energy Manager’s expertise and technology significantly enriches Ever.Ag’s ability to offer specialized, comprehensive solutions, aligning with our mission to empower the entire food supply chain with insight, efficiency, and sustainability.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with Ever.Ag,” said Des Cooling, former CEO of Integrated Control & Information Systems, now leading Ever.Ag Energy Manager. “This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment in our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art energy management and sustainability solutions across the global food and beverage supply chain. Together, we are set to accelerate innovation, pushing the boundaries of operational efficiency and sustainability.”

Ever.Ag is dedicated to ensuring a seamless integration process that upholds continuity and augments service offerings for both Ever.Ag and Integrated Control & Information Systems (now Ever.Ag Energy Manager) clients.

SOURCE : PRNewswire

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