Saturday, June 15, 2024

Stem Announces PowerTrack™ APM for Comprehensive Solar and Storage Energy Portfolio Management

Stem, a global leader in AI-driven clean energy solutions and services, announced its new PowerTrack™ Asset Performance Management (APM) suite, a powerful software solution enabling owners, operators, and asset managers to centralize and streamline the management of storage, solar, and hybrid energy asset portfolios. The suite includes highly configurable, persona-based dashboards and workflows, allowing users to create and customize the interface and data that matter most to them. From portfolio-level technical and commercial performance monitoring to site-level information and granular device-level data, PowerTrack APM offers simplified and automated processes to help drive operational efficiency and ensure compliance as companies scale their clean energy portfolios.

“Asset management of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) is a game changer that makes the tools, processes, and strategies used with other asset classes obsolete,” said Cedric Brehaut, Senior Vice President of Product at Stem. “Technical and commercial performance are inextricably linked by a complex web of revenue streams, technologies, contracts, and warranty constraints,” Brehaut explained. “PowerTrack APM helps owners and operators of storage, solar, and hybrid assets understand the commercial impact of technical decisions and the technical impact of commercial strategies, so they can more effectively and efficiently manage risk and drive returns.”

Built on the dual foundation of Stem’s award-winning solar asset monitoring software, PowerTrackTM, and the company’s industry-leading Athena® platform for energy storage optimization, PowerTrack APM revolutionizes how technical asset managers, commercial asset managers, and operations managers collaborate around a unified set of metrics and streamlined processes. PowerTrack APM was built by experts in the storage and solar industry with over a decade of experience to surface the right insights at the right time to reduce operational risk and maximize asset and portfolio performance.

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PowerTrack APM’s broad capabilities offer additional key benefits to a wide range of clean energy asset stakeholders empowering users to:

  • Extensively monitor with data acquisition tools to continuously capture the health of individual assets and provide early warnings of issues
  • Holistically track commercial performance of portfolio and sites, comparing multiple revenue streams against expectations in a centralized view
  • Automatically manage and verify energy storage system warranty obligations
  • Streamline and automate operations center processes with advanced event management capabilities that reduce alert noise and identify actionable issues
  • Measure commercial impacts of technical events to minimize risk and drive returns

Open and flexible, PowerTrack APM suite works with a variety of systems including data acquisition, monitoring, battery management system (BMS), and computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for quick deployment on existing portfolios, and integrates seamlessly with Stem’s PowerBidder Pro®, Energy Management System (EMS), and Edge solutions for an end-to-end clean energy asset performance optimization platform.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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