Wednesday, May 22, 2024

CVR Energy Proceeds with Alkylation Project Using KBR’s K-SAAT Technology

KBR announced that CVR Energy, Inc.’s Board of Directors has approved the next phase of the revamp of the at its subsidiary’s crude oil refinery located in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.

This phase entails the completion of engineering, design, module fabrication and construction for KBR’s Solid Acid Alkylation Technology unit to eliminate hydrofluoric (HF) acid from the refinery. KBR’s contract includes the supply of a fully engineered and fabricated modular solution along with KBR’s proprietary catalyst for the project.

“We view this as a landmark project for the U.S. refining industry,” said Doug Kelly, KBR President, Technology. “The Wynnewood refinery will be the first U.S. implementation of K-SAAT technology, which in addition to delivering higher alkylate yield, should provide tangible environmental and safety benefits. We believe other leading refiners will adopt this technology given its clear ESG advantage.”

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“We are pleased to move forward with this important project,” said Dave Lamp, President & Chief Executive Officer of CVR Energy. “It represents yet another example of CVR Energy‘s efforts to focus on safe, efficient and reliable operations, and should increase gasoline production by upgrading lower-valued propylene.”

KBR’s K-SAAT provides an opportunity to maximize the yield and quality of an ultra-clean gasoline blendstock with the ExSact catalyst, a revolutionary solid-acid catalyst that has been engineered to outperform liquid acid catalysts.

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SOURCE: PR Newswire

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