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ASOTO and CATALSYS Form Strategic Joint Venture to Provide Revolutionary Green Energy Solutions for AI Data Centers

ASOTO and CATALSYS Limited are thrilled to announce a strategic joint venture aimed at transforming the European data-center industry through innovative green-energy solutions. This partnership combines ASOTO’s expertise in off-grid power generation with CATALSYS’s pioneering ammonia-cracking technology to introduce a new class of energy generators optimized for data centers.

Under the terms of the MOU signed this month, ASOTO and CATALSYS will jointly develop and commercialize container-type plug & play power units, leveraging ammonia as a green fuel source. This collaborative effort promises to set new standards for sustainability and energy efficiency in data centers across Europe.

Girts Bebris,  Management Board Member of ASOTO, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: “Joining forces with CATALSYS allows us to push the boundaries of what’s possible in energy solutions for data centers. Our combined technologies and expertise are a perfect match to drive innovation and deliver real value to the industry.”

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Kevin Fothergill, Director of CATALSYS, added: “We are excited to partner with ASOTO on this game-changing project. Our unique technology has the extraordinary potential to provide sustainable green energy to power data centers in any location. Together with ASOTO’s robust network and manufacturing capabilities, we can more effectively meet the growing demand and reduce carbon emissions in this rapidly expanding sector.”

This strategic partnership between ASOTO and CATALSYS marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of green ammonia power generation solutions for data centers and establishes a strong foundation for future innovations in the industry. We are pleased to announce that our green ammonia power generation solutions will be available to the European data center market in the second half of 2025. We encourage industry partners and potential customers to prepare for the launch and stay engaged with us as we advance towards a more sustainable future.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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