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U.S. National Guard Bureau Selects Tyler Technologies’ Solution Suite for Complaint Tracking and Program Management

Tyler Technologies, Inc. announced it has signed a contract with the U.S. National Guard Bureau, and specifically the NGB-DEI Complaints Management and Adjudication Branch, for Tyler’s Workforce Case Management application suite. Tyler will provide a web-based case management, complaint tracking, and program management and reporting application for military equal opportunity (MEO) and civilian equal employment opportunity (EEO) professionals.

MEO and EEO complaint tracking is not managed by a centralized system across the National Guard. Different Army and Air Force Guard units in different states and territories, as well as the National Guard Bureau itself, employ various systems and ways of tracking and reporting on EEO and MEO complaints. Additionally, there is no unified mechanism for compiling and reporting the data.

Tyler’s applications will provide field and program oversight while ensuring transparency to complainants, alleged offenders, commanders, and senior leaders, as well as accountability for substantiated claims and notices of proposed resolutions. The Workforce Case Management suite will manage informal and formal harassment and discrimination complaint activities through the entire workflow.

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To meet NGB-DEI’s needs, Tyler will deploy the following Workforce Case Management suite of applications in its FedRAMP-certified private cloud environment: EEO; MEO; Anti-Harassment; and Reasonable Accommodation. With its multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and role-based access controls, the Application Platform can securely store a very large volume of sensitive data and documents.

By moving to a centralized system overseen by the NGB-DEI Complaints Management and Adjudication Branch, the entire National Guard, spanning 54 U.S. states, territories, and District of Columbia, will be able to provide prompt, fair, and impartial complaint processing. They will also be able to meet the specified U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and federal timeframes to be compliant with tracking and reporting data that all DoD agencies are required to submit to DoD Office of Secretary of Defense, as well as to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in compliance with federal guidelines.

“We’re thrilled to bring our expertise in workforce case management and specifically MEO and EEO best practices to the U.S. National Guard Bureau,” said Brian Combs, president of Tyler’s Platform Solutions Division. “We know that evolving federal labor laws can make it challenging to stay compliant with EEO regulations and reporting requirements. We are confident in our ability to effectively manage MEO and EEO claims in a timely and accurate manner for the organization.”

SOURCE : BusinessWire

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