Saturday, July 20, 2024

Poten & Partners Expands Its Energy Transition Business into Hydrogen, Ammonia and Methanol

Poten & Partners, a subsidiary of BGC Group, Inc., an integrated energy advisory, brokerage, and business intelligence company, announced the launch of a new advisory group supporting global Hydrogen, Ammonia and Methanol markets.

Graham Hoar will lead the new team delivering strategic planning, commercial and technical analysis, project finance, M&A and dispute resolution support for these sectors.  Prior to joining Poten, Mr. Hoar led the global Ammonia, Syngas and Fertilizers business as Vice President at KBR Sustainable Technology Solutions and led Nexant’s global C1 Chemicals and Fertilizers activities and its West European and Middle Eastern regions.  He previously worked for ICI, DuPont and Terra Nitrogen in several positions including technical, operations and project commissioning management.  He is joined by a global team of advisors including various new hires with substantial expertise in these sectors.

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Steven Garten, Chief Executive Officer of Poten, commented, “We are excited to welcome Graham and this team to support the global energy transition and the move towards net zero.  Hydrogen, Ammonia and Methanol will each have distinct roles in the energy mix along with other fuels including LNG and LPG.  This business expansion will complement our portfolio of business intelligence, advisory and brokerage services and our experience in gas monetization and transportation.”

John Abularrage, Co-Global Head of Brokerage at BGC, commented, “Poten has a unique business which supports energy project development from concept and strategy through financing, trading, and transportation. This expansion will allow its clients to seamlessly integrate with BGC’s existing energy, emissions, and carbon brokerage desks.”

Graham Hoar, added, “I am delighted to have joined the impressive global team at BGC and Poten and look forward to delivering insightful engagements that create value for our clients as they transition to no/low carbon fuels and products.”

SOURCE : PRNewswire

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