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OLI Systems Unveils Pioneering Process Simulation Innovations for Corrosion, Mineral Scaling, and Critical Materials Recovery in Platform V12

OLI Systems announced significant technological advancements with the release of OLI Platform V12. This latest version introduces groundbreaking innovations in corrosion prediction, mineral scale inhibition, and predictive recovery of critical materials from battery recycling. These enhancements tackle real-world, mission-critical challenges in industries such as upstream oil and gas, chemicals, carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), mining, water treatment, and geothermal energy.

MSE Corrosion Technology is a standout innovation in the V12 platform, delivering unmatched precision in corrosion prediction and prevention. This advancement has the potential to save billions of dollars by preventing catastrophic equipment failures and enhancing safety. MSE Corrosion accurately predicts corrosion behavior with a specialized model for both aqueous and non-aqueous environments. It features a novel thermodynamic and advanced electrochemical kinetics framework, providing rigorous corrosion calculations in diverse conditions. This initial release supports corrosion predictions for two widely used corrosion-resistant alloys (CRAs) — alloy 2205 and 2507 — enhancing design and maintenance strategies across the asset life cycle in upstream oil & gas, chemicals, CCUS, and geothermal industries.

The Scale Kinetics and Inhibitor Optimization Tool (SKIT) capability in V12 delivers tailored scale inhibition insights with proprietary inhibitor formulations, safeguarding intellectual property. It bridges the gap between laboratory measurements and field observations, optimizing scale treatment programs with actionable insights to improve operational performance.

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“Beyond corrosion and scaling, V12 introduces revolutionary capabilities in critical material recovery,” stated Vineeth Ram, Chief Sustainability Officer. “Our new solvent extraction models, combined with extensive chemistry coverage for nickel and cobalt, offer unparalleled accuracy in predicting and optimizing the recovery and purity of these critical materials. This is a transformative advancement for the lithium-ion and sodium-ion battery recycling industries.”

The new calculator block in V12 enhances user productivity and experience in Flowsheet: ESP, providing greater flexibility and ease of use. Substantial updates to the Rare Earth Element (REE) Chemistry in V12 represent a significant improvement in simulating REE recovery from ores and industrial waste.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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