Saturday, July 20, 2024

NobleAI Launches New AI-Powered Chemical and Materials Informatics Solutions on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace

NobleAI, a pioneer in Science-Based AI solutions for Chemical and Material Informatics, today announced general availability of its offerings on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace. Solutions now available on the popular online store include NobleReactor, NobleBattery, and NobleChemistry. The first solution in its class on the Azure Marketplace, this meets the growing demand from chemical, materials and energy companies for AI solutions that can help reduce costs and accelerate development of better performing and more sustainable products.

Material science and chemistry are key to building a more sustainable world, and artificial intelligence technology is essential to unlocking new product innovation quickly. By adding its new software solutions to the Azure Marketplace, NobleAI is bringing unique, Science-Based AI technology and its powerful yet easy-to-use Reactor platform to a wider range of customers, enabling them to speed product development in an increasingly competitive market.

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“We are absolutely thrilled to expand our offerings on the Azure Marketplace,” said Sunil Sanghavi, the CEO of NobleAI. “NobleReactor, NobleBattery, and NobleChemistry will help companies harness Science-Based AI to drive increased efficiencies and success. This is a significant milestone that demonstrates our excitement for the enormous economic value our solutions can deliver to our customers, especially when combined with the Azure platform’s scalability and robustness.”

NobleBattery and NobleChemistry are supported by NobleAI‘s powerful NobleReactor SaaS platform, offering a blend of advanced AI and machine learning capabilities. These solutions will enable customers to accelerate material science product development, trim R&D costs and grow their business faster than ever before.

“This will strengthen our relationship with Microsoft and significantly expand our reach, enabling us to support more businesses on their AI journeys,” added Sanghavi. “We are incredibly excited about the opportunities this creates for our clients and our company.”

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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