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Mitra Chem and Saint-Gobain Ceramics Enter a Strategic Partnership to Commercialize IRA-compliant LMFP cathodes with a Low Wastewater Manufacturing Process

Mitra Future Technologies, Inc., a leading innovator of North American lithium-ion battery materials and Saint-Gobain Ceramics, a global leader in specialty ceramic materials, announced a groundbreaking partnership to accelerate the production of lithium iron manganese phosphate (LMFP) cathode active materials. With Mitra Chem’s product guidance, Saint-Gobain Ceramics’ proprietary and proven manufacturing technology offers several cost and environmental advantages, including being solvent-free, sulphate-free and waste-water-free.

“Speed to scale is critical for success in the battery material industry. Mitra Chem’s core expertise in developing state of the art LMFP and next generation iron-based cathodes together with Saint-Gobain’s proven manufacturing technology for specialty ceramics lays the foundation for IRA-compliant manufacturing of LMFP cathode materials that is also environmentally sustainable”, said Chirranjeevi Gopal, CTO and co-founder of Mitra Chem.

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“A key challenge in reducing greenhouse gas emissions is to quickly advance electrification”, said Mark Hampden-Smith, VP of Technology Acceleration of Saint-Gobain Ceramics.  “Being one of the world leaders of technical ceramics, we view the partnership with Mitra Chem a critical step in the commercialization of current and future generations of materials for lithium-ion batteries.”

The mutual goal of this partnership is demonstrating commercial readiness for LMFP cathodes using an IRA compliant supply-chain.  It combines the core expertise of Saint-Gobain Ceramics in a proprietary synthesis method and a significant domestic manufacturing footprint to make specialty ceramics and Mitra Chem‘s accelerated cathode material development to scale-up production for rapid market delivery. The collaborative efforts have already culminated in a successful proof of concept technology and an economic feasibility assessment. This partnership sets the pace for rapid scaling to achieve mass production of LMFP as early as 2026.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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