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Alfa Laval takes the next step in ground-breaking material research at Max IV synchrotron radiation facility

Alfa Laval is continuing its research at the Swedish-based laboratory MAX IV, together with Sandvik Materials Technology, Tetra Pak, Thermo-Calc Software and scientists at Lund University. The experiment is the next step in a study, initiated in March 2020, of stainless steel and its reaction to high temperatures and different mediums. The results from the ongoing study will be used in the company’s R&D work to find more efficient materials and processes.

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Last year, Alfa Laval and senior scientists at Lund University conducted a state-of-the-art experiment at the MAX IV synchrotron radiation facility in Lund, Sweden, to image the oxide of stainless steel in an extreme atomic scale. The valuable insights of the nanometre-thin oxide, that protects products from corrosion, have since been used in product development at Alfa Laval.

This week, Alfa Laval and representatives from Sandvik Materials Technology, Tetra Pak, Thermo-Calc Software and led by Lund University, are taking the next step in the research, studying the oxide’s reaction to corrosive salty mediums. The experiment focuses on metals exposed to conditions similar to various industrial processes, and the aim is to get a better understanding of corrosion, which is a challenge in many process applications. The results from the study will be used in the development of more resilient materials and optimized processes.

Did you know… MAX IV is the most modern synchrotron radiation facility in the world, using the strongest X-ray light ever generated. The laboratory enables researchers to study atoms and molecules, providing completely new knowledge about the world and how it works.

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