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Advancion Launches New Multifunctional Etheramine For Waterborne Industrial Coatings Systems

In recent years, the transition from solvent-borne to waterborne technologies has helped significantly lower VOC content and improve the sustainability profile of industrial and automotive coatings formulations. As this trend continues to accelerate, manufacturers and formulators are increasingly challenged to further optimize the overall performance of waterborne industrial coatings while reducing energy consumption during the critical application and curing process.

Advancion Corporation, announced the commercial launch of a new, innovative etheramine with a unique combination of balanced properties that can deliver several performance advantages addressing these concerns. DMMOPA (N,N-Dimethyl-3 methoxypropyl-amine, CAS No.: 20650-07-1) is a proprietary, multifunctional formulating ingredient developed and produced by Advancion specifically for use in water-based resins, automotive and industrial coatings, inks, and other applications.

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“The DMMOPA molecule was designed with several key properties valuable to formulators looking to improve manufacturing, application and dry-film performance in waterborne industrial formulations,” said Dr. Romain Severac, Global Technical Director, Paints and Coatings. “This includes a high pKa for efficient neutralization; high volatility leading to better chemical resistance, water resistance and stain resistance of dry films; a wide solubility range; and excellent compatibility with commonly used binder systems. In addition, DMMOPA is supplied in anhydrous form and offers an inert tertiary amine functionality, making it suitable as a catalyst and in reactive 2K systems.”

In certain waterborne industrial and automotive applications, coatings formulations with DMMOPA cured faster and harder with an improved solvent resistance at a reduced curing temperature compared to formulations using other commodity neutralizers. Lower curing temperatures can have a significant and positive impact on reducing application cycle time, energy use and overall costs while supporting the development of multi-substrate coatings that can be used on both metal and plastic surfaces.

“We’re thrilled to introduce a new-to-market molecule that not only provides industrial coatings and ink formulators with novel functionality and utility as a multifunctional neutralizer, catalyst and additive, but also reflects Advancion’s commitment to innovation,” said Scott C. Johnson, Global Business Manager, Paints and Coatings. “Even when used at a very low percentage of the overall total formulation, DMMOPA is shown to have a dramatic impact on overall performance of a formulation, including enhanced hardness and solvent resistance in automotive coatings; improved durability and corrosion resistance in industrial latex paints; and decreased water sensitivity in industrial ink applications.”

SOURCE : PRNewswire

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