Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Maccabi’s KSM Research and Innovation Center & PrognomiQ Announce Research Collaboration Aimed at Early Cancer Detection

KSM, the Research and Innovation Center of Maccabi Health Services, Israel’s leading HMO, and PrognomiQ – a California-based healthcare company focused on harnessing the power of multi-omics data to transform the detection and early treatment selection and monitoring of cancer and other complex diseases – announced the launch of an innovative research collaboration. This partnership will focus on the discovery and development of dynamic cancer biomarkers, utilizing KSM’s unique Biobank (“Tipa Biobank™”), Israel’s biggest Biobank, for the early detection of colorectal, lung, pancreatic and breast cancers.

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Maccabi’s Biobank, with its unique anonymized data sets and clinical expertise, together with PrognomiQ’s technology, which is focused on gaining valuable biological insights provided by high-quality multi-omics data, will enable the creation of a biomarker platform designed to improve the early detection, outcomes, and care of cancer patients. PrognomiQ’s high-throughput multi-omics approach enables large-scale studies and the development of high sensitivity tests for earlier cancer detection and cancer precision medicine, with the potential to save or substantially prolong many more patient lives.

“Maccabi is paving the way for innovative research to better model a comprehensive, multi-dimensional, patient journey,” said Dr. Tal Patalon, head of KSM, Maccabi’s Research and Innovation Center. “Interweaving the clinical course of diseases with the biological changes throughout time is the key to reaching a significant breakthrough in redefining diseases, and thus tailoring treatment and prevention specifically to each patient.”

“This collaboration with KSM is exciting because it involves a large number of biological samples that our high-throughput multi-omics platform can interrogate for the development of novel disease detection tests in a variety of cancers, with high unmet need, for earlier detection and treatment,” said Philip Ma, CEO of PrognomiQ. “PrognomiQ’s platform is unique in that it is taking a next-generation approach to broadly sample the proteomic, metabolome, epigenome, transcriptome and genome for biomarkers – and accomplishing this at large scale. The resulting multi-omics data sets provide unparalleled levels of biological insights and novel biological content that could lead to transformative new approaches to diagnostics and therapy development.”

KSM Biobank is the largest biological bank in Israel, based on a nationwide population group, and includes more than 800,000 biological anonymized samples. The Biobank is an unparalleled research resource, which includes a re-sampling policy for collection from participants throughout their lives. Through a database of biological samples that complies with the regulations and protected privacy, it’s possible to conduct a wide range of genetic and biological research, enabling significant achievements and results for current and future research to advance truly personalized health care, in all fields – particularly in cancer.

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