Thursday, February 29, 2024

Spryker Partners with Vertex to Integrate Tax and Compliance Solutions for Global Customers

Spryker, the leading composable commerce platform for sophisticated use cases in B2B Commerce, Enterprise Marketplaces, and Thing Commerce, announced a new partnership with Vertex Inc., a leading global provider of indirect tax technology solutions. The partnership will see Vertex’s services offered through Spryker’s App Composition Platform, simplifying the process of complying with local tax jurisdictions in more than 19,000 jurisdictions worldwide. Customers can now connect with and leverage Vertex® O Series® to streamline tax needs for third-party seller configuration and sales tax.

“Our customers expect us to provide solutions that empower their businesses and simplify their commerce needs,” said Manishi Singh, SVP App Composition Platform & Technology Partnerships at Spryker. “By partnering with Vertex, Spryker customers can confidently manage complex tax requirements at scale, regardless of whether the organization focuses on B2B, B2C, D2C, marketplaces or any other form of sophisticated commerce. Vertex’s solutions integrate seamlessly with Spryker through our App Composition Platform, extending the value of our composable platform and streamlining indirect tax compliance for our global customers.”

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A custom Vertex app for the Spryker App Composition Platform has been built to provide the following features:

    • Quick and easy integration of Vertex® O Series® On-Demand in Spryker project and configuration.
    • More accurate, automated tax determination before checkout using customer delivery address.
    • Detailed tax reports in Vertex dashboard displaying the Spryker Order Numbers as Invoice Numbers for the customer.
      • Flexibility to integrate with other financial systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) and add more data with the use of tax metadata.

Joint customers can add Vertex’s app to their existing digital commerce operations with just a few clicks, simplifying the process of integration and accelerating time to value.

This partnership provides Spryker customers with access to scalable solutions and services that automate processes, increase efficiency and accuracy, and improve customer experience, all while reducing risk. Together, Vertex and Spryker enable customers using the Spryker platform to rapidly grow their marketplace businesses while effectively managing and addressing tax compliance challenges.

“In an increasingly interconnected world, businesses face the complex challenge of navigating the intricate landscape of indirect taxes across borders,” commented Bradd Wildstein, Vice President of Global Channel Sales at Vertex. “We are excited to partner with Spryker to offer robust indirect tax solutions that empower their merchants to overcome tax-related hurdles – fostering growth and expansion in the global marketplace.”

SOURCE : GlobeNewswire

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