Sunday, April 21, 2024

Haru Invest surpasses $1 billion in total transaction volume

Haru Invest, a top digital asset management platform and service brand name of Block Crafters, announced that they have achieved a new milestone – reaching $1 billion in total transaction volume. The accomplishment is due in part to the increasing number of global users trusting them, backed by high retention of their existing users. Haru Invest currently provides its services to users from 130 countries.

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Haru Invest’s consistency in providing high returns has been the key driver of growth. Earn Plus, a product that offers competitive rates on Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT upon lock-up, has been very well received by its users, resulting in extremely high renewal rates.

Haru Invest recently launched Switch, a cryptocurrency swap service to improve the crypto investment experience for their users. Through Switch, users can swap between Bitcoin, Ethereum or USDT instantly at market rate or make reservations to swap at the price they want.

Switch is community-driven – where users can become Liquidity Providers by contributing their crypto assets to the Switch pool and get earnings from transactions as swaps happen. Option to become a Liquidity Provider is expected to be available later this year.

“We are thrilled to achieve this milestone and excited to see the continuous growth,” said Hugo Lee, CEO of Haru Invest. “Haru Switch is the embodiment of our vision – creating a new paradigm in finance by breaking all barriers. With Haru Switch, users will be able to experience DeFi’s swap services in a more convenient and intuitive manner within CeFi.”

Since their launch in 2019, Haru Invest, a service brand name of Block Crafters, has continued to benefit from its high earnings payout and strong demand for its easy to use and intuitive interface. Having started with asset management, Haru Invest strives to become the most trusted crypto platform and is expected to scale up with new service announcements upcoming in December, as the company goes from strength to strength.

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