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Tekmetric Introduces Tire Suite Solutions to Streamline Tire Management Processes

Tekmetric, a leading automotive repair technology company, has marked its entry into the tire shop industry with its new feature, Tekmetric Tire Suite, which streamlines tire management for auto repair and tire shops alike. With Tire Suite in its all-in-one shop management solution, Tekmetric will continue to meet the diverse needs of automotive professionals, fostering seamless collaboration and optimizing operations across the industry.

Tekmetric Tire Suite is crafted to enhance efficiency for service advisors and technicians by seamlessly integrating tire management tasks within the Tekmetric software. With the add-on, shops can effortlessly send Department of Transportation (DOT) identification and access tire specifications all without leaving the Tekmetric app, saving valuable time and enhancing the shop’s overall efficiency.

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“Tekmetric Tire Suite is a testament to our deep market insight and commitment to serving the specific needs of tire shops, reinforcing our strong product-market fit within the automotive sector,” said Taylor Fuqua, Chief Technology Officer of Tekmetric. “By expanding our platform with this tailored feature set, we empower tire shops and auto repair businesses to streamline their operations and elevate customer service. This development not only broadens our influence but also underscores our dedication to enhancing the efficiency and service quality of our clients’ businesses.”

This add-on brings a host of new features and benefits for shop owners, including:

  • DOT# Automatic Registration: Tire shops can now easily register tire DOT identification numbers electronically and securely transmit them via Tiremetrix to the appropriate manufacturer.
  • Error Messaging: Tire Suite will automatically produce error messaging as needed, including tire recall warning and invalid DOT# warnings.
  • Tire Fitment Data: Users can access comprehensive tire specifications directly in the Repair Order (RO) sidebar for a specific vehicle, enabling quick and easy reference to all compatible tires from inventory or parts as needed.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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