Sunday, March 3, 2024

HEVO Inc. Announces Partnership with AUSEV to Provide Wirelessly Charged Vehicles

HEVO Inc., a leading provider of wireless electric vehicle charging technology, announced a partnership with AUSEV, a subsidiary of BOSSCAP, a leading remanufacturer of right-hand drive (RHD) vehicles in Australia. The companies will demonstrate wireless charging in the Australian market.

“We are driven by our mission to push boundaries and grow the electric fleet market in Australia,” said Terry Mulcahy, AUSEV’s Head of Future Business.

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“Partnering with HEVO enables us to not only provide our Australian fleet customers with a differentiating technology that improves safety, increases vehicle uptime, and reduces fleet management O&M, it also gives us the opportunity to launch future products with wireless charging already installed and operational. This is a market game changer,” he added.

HEVO and AUSEV will offer wireless charging to fleet customers in Australia; “this is a market game changer”

AUSEV will leverage BOSSCAP’s experience in remanufacturing vehicles to quickly bring viable and capable EV fleet options to an Australian market that demands electric commercial solutions.

HEVO and AUSEV will demonstrate Level 2 wireless charging in 2023, with the goal of providing wirelessly enabled AUSEV fleet vehicles for commercial deployment in 2024.

“HEVO is thrilled to partner with AUSEV, which has the vision and capability to provide customers with the most seamless and convenient charging solution,” said HEVO’s Chief Commercialization Officer, Vic Peltola. “Our collaboration will enable significant benefits for fleets and others and allow HEVO to expand its market presence in Australia,” he added.

Recently named a PACEpilot Innovation to Watch by Automotive News, HEVO Inc. is focused on dramatically improving the EV charging experience with safe, simple, and seamless charging. To learn more, visit HEVO’s website at

AUSEV Pty Ltd (AUSEV) is a subsidiary of BOSSCAP. BOSSCAP is a multi-industry company focused on sovereign capability. AUSEV was established to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Australia, with a focus on RHD 4×4 EVs and has evolved to incorporate not only Pick-ups but also Light, Medium and Heavy-Duty Trucks & Vans. The company is committed to offering an end-to-end solution, including servicing, charging and fleet management. AUSEV leverages BOSSCAP’s experience in remanufacturing and distributing ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles to now offer OEMs a solution to either partially or fully manufacture RHD electric vehicles (EV) locally in Australia.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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