Saturday, June 15, 2024

Gamma Technologies Acquires Exothermia S.A.

Gamma Technologies (GT), a global leader and innovator in integrated multi-physics system simulation software, announced today that it has acquired Exothermia, S.A. of Thessaloniki, Greece, producers of predictive thermo-electro-chemical solutions for zero-impact emissions technologies. Exothermia’s suite of exhaust aftertreatment (E.A.T) and powertrain simulation tools complement GT’s product and technology portfolio and solidifies GT’s position as the global leader in full vehicle system simulations, addressing key engineering challenges for battery and fuel cell electric, hybrid electric, and efficient internal combustion vehicles.

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  • Gamma Technologies acquires Exothermia, S.A., a leading pioneer in simulation solutions for ultra-clean vehicle architectures, strengthening GT’s position as a preferred industry standard and market leader
  • Acquisition extends GT portfolio to power the development of next generation systems focused on high efficiencies, decarbonization, and zero emission vehicles
  • Enables the realization of net zero ambitions with integrated engine and exhaust aftertreatment simulations, particularly with carbon-free and e-fuels

Exothermia’s flagship product, Exothermia Suite, is widely adopted by global customers across all segments of the transportation industry. Exothermia has been recognized for their deep expertise in E.A.T research, virtual and physical validation, and has collaborated with OEMs and suppliers to deliver predictive CAE technologies and turnkey solutions with advanced solvers and modern interfaces. Exothermia Suite enables E.A.T engineers with design exploration and feasibility studies, detailed 3D component analysis, durability prediction, development of onboard diagnostics and controls verification in “X”iL environments.

“The transportation industry continues to transform at an unprecedented pace,” remarked Dimple Shah, CEO of GT. “As the industry pivots towards a decarbonized future powered by digitalization, GT is committed to delivering a unified and powertrain-agnostic simulation environment for complete vehicle systems in all stages of product development. Complemented by Exothermia Suite, GT’s product portfolio is at the epicenter of new vehicle development encompassing ICE to full-electric architectures. Driven by our collaborative customer partnerships, we continue to introduce new technologies that enable the compliance of increasingly stringent regulations for emissions and sustainability, and the development of highly efficient and ultra clean powertrains. I am excited to welcome the talented Exothermia team and their pioneering user community to GT as we push forward on our journey to deliver a sustainable future, together.”

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