Monday, August 8, 2022

C2A Security and ThunderSoft Collaborate to Provide Cybersecurity Solutions

C2A Security, a leading provider of Electric Vehicle focused cybersecurity solutions, and ThunderSoft, the world leading operating system products and technologies provider, announced today a collaboration to provide cybersecurity solutions for the automotive industry in China. The partnership will provide powerful cybersecurity products and solutions for OEMs and suppliers in China to enable the development of intelligent connected and electric vehicles.

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The collaboration between C2A Security and ThunderSoft will provide necessary tools for OEMs and suppliers to effectively identify and respond to cyberattacks and provide full lifecycle security protection for the automotive industry. As the Chinese automotive industry continues to develop it is inevitable that cybersecurity issues will become prevalent. In 2019 it was reported by the Chinese Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Agency (EVCIPA) that there were 808,000 EV chargers in the country, a number expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.

According to a recent report, in 2020 there were 2.8M malicious attacks on automotive related companies. The report also included cybersecurity breaches with companies like Toyota, where the privacy of 3.1 million people was compromised, Daimler’s Car2Go had 100 vehicles stolen due to a malicious actor hacking a mobile app, and a breach to the BMW network system.

To combat these automotive cybersecurity issues, new standards were passed including the ISO 21434 standard and UNECE WP. 29 regulations, which require automotive companies to update their cybersecurity measures. Due to recent cybersecurity incidents and the new regulations, OEMs and Tier-1s are racing to catch up and revamp their cybersecurity processes.

“The Chinese automotive industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and will need to catch up quickly to the rising need to protect connected vehicles from cybersecurity vulnerabilities,” says Roy Fridman, CEO of C2A Security. “To meet the needs of the industry and fill the current gap in the market, C2A Security partnered with ThunderSoft to provide an advanced cybersecurity management system to local OEMs and Tier-1s.”

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