Monday, September 25, 2023

Rooted Group Enters into Exclusive Partnership with Vende Cannabis Point of Sale to Support all their Managed Locations

Rooted Group, California’s go-to administrative company for cannabis retailers, signs a long-term deal with the up-and-coming point of sale system – Vende.

“Rooted Group is now able to train its Members in half the time by using the Vende system”

Effective Immediately, Rooted Group has begun migrating all of its Members to the Vende point of sale system. The decision was made to reduce the technological and day-to-day burden that many of their members were facing.

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Currently, Rooted Group provides support for hundreds of drivers on the road each day – expanding across all of California. Providing these teams and these drivers with the most user-friendly and product-centric point of sale system is an essential part of their Member’s success.

By making this deal, Rooted Group feels it can better support its Members by focusing more on action rather than a reaction to the current industry hurdles. “RootedGroup is now able to train its Members in half the time by using the Vende system,” stated Matthew Ehorn, Communications Director of Rooted Group. “Cannabis point of sale systems are very difficult to use and adopt for the new license holders. Our studies show this is one of the biggest challenges that retailers face. We believe that the Vende point of sale system is the simplest and easiest to use.”

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Vende is a cannabis retail software company that helps retail and delivery companies run their business better. We do so by focusing on the lifecycle of the product – from ordering/restocking to completing a sale all through the point of sale system.

About Rooted Group:

Rooted Group exists to help bring more inclusivity to the cannabis industry. To learn more about the services we offer click here:

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