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GrowPods from ACTX Can Help Reduce Environmental Impact of Conventional Farming

Advanced Container Technologies, Inc, said that GrowPods – the company’s unique Controlled Environment Farms – can help reduce the environmental impact of traditional farming.

According to a new report republished in Science Direct, “hydroponic closed-environment agriculture could play a role in positive food system transformation, reducing environmental footprints, sparing land, and potentially helping to reconnect consumers with producers.”

Better Nutritional Value

The research also found, “a valuable aspect of CEA farms is their ability to produce plants with certain desired nutritional profiles.” This is accomplished through controlling lighting wavelength, temperature, and nutrient levels.

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Cornell University reports consumers increasingly want fresh, high-quality vegetables free of pesticides and agricultural chemicals. However, in many regions of the United States, climate makes it impossible to meet this need year-round, so food is often shipped from far away. However, “when fresh produce is transported great distances there can be a significant loss of quality,” according to the University. The solution, they suggest, is in “well-managed, local CEA operations that can provide fresh produce of high quality and free of agriculture chemicals.”

According to Forbes, when you shop at Walmart, Whole Foods and Target, you probably assume the greens you buy are grown on sprawling outdoor farms. “The reality, however, is that large volumes of greens also are being grown indoors,” the publication reports. “CEA, or controlled environmental agriculture, is catching on and coming of age as growing indoors increases in popularity.”

Doug Heldoorn, CEO of ACTX, said GrowPods are transportable and scalable, so fresh, nutritious food can now be available on a consistent basis virtually anywhere in the nation.

“GrowPods allow grocers, businesses, non-profits, and big box retailers the means to grow healthy food, year-round,” he said. “They return local control and improve quality.”

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SOURCE: PR Newswire

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