Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Fertilizer Replacement Guarantee from Sound Agriculture Removes Barriers and Paves Way to a Greener Future for Agriculture

Up To 50% of Applied Nitrogen and 85% of Applied Phosphorus is Wasted, Costing Growers $50 to $85 Per Acre and Negatively Impacting Air and Water Quality Sound Agriculture announces...

Sound Agriculture Releases Software Package to Democratize Epigenetic Data in Plant Breeding

A team of researchers at Sound Agriculture has released a new software package, called sounDMR, designed to reveal epigenetic variation in plant populations. The...

Sound Agriculture Raises $75 Million Series D to Advance Climate-Smart Agriculture

Sound Agriculture, a leading agtech company improving how we farm and what we eat, announced a $75 million Series D equity investment, led by...

Sound Agriculture Joins USFRA and Decade of Ag to Advance Industry-led Sustainability Efforts

Sound Agriculture, an industry-leader developing science-based solutions to improve how and what we farm, has joined the Decade of Ag movement, an industry-wide effort...

Sound Agriculture and Shell Collaborate on Nitrogen Emissions Study

Sound Agriculture and Shell New Energies US (Shell) have collaborated to launch a feasibility study to measure the economic and environmental impact of reducing...

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